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Thank you for visiting our website.  If you are here, you may have experienced a pregnancy loss, the loss of child or are supporting someone who has.  We recognize that it can take great courage and strength to reach out during these times.  Grief is such a unique and individual experience and can often feel confusing and overwhelming for many.  Please know that you are not alone in your experiences.  There is a caring community that is here to support you.


The Bereaved Parents Network of Calgary was established to offer support with the painful and difficult challenges encountered by families who have had a child die.  The Network is comprised of professional and self-help groups and services that provide support to bereaved parents and their families.  The vision of The Bereaved Parents Network is to ensure that all bereaved parents, families, and communities within the Calgary and surrounding area have access to community resources, information and grief support.


This website was designed to ensure that families have the ability to seek out specific support when needed.  We recognize that the sharing of information is valuable in assisting family members to connect with services that can help to support and navigate their loss.  Please see the "Services" page to find out more information on each of the community groups in the network. 


To ensure that the information on this website is current and accurate, we direct you to the individual organizations and their websites and/or contact details. You will find this information on the "Services" page.  


Although our network services are within the Calgary area, any of us would be happy to assist you to find appropriate resources in your community if needed.  Again we are very sorry for your loss and acknowledge all that it takes to reach out.  We hope you found this information to be helpful and wish you ongoing care and support.






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A caring community of professional and self help groups and services that provide support to families that have had a child die or pregnancy loss